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Shredding (Bush Hogging)

At Marvelous Gardens we are the #1 choice for bush hogging services in the Port Lavaca, TX area. We can accommodate almost any request for bush hogging and field mowing services in a timely manner.
If you need to have your field, pasture, or other area mowed with a bush hog, you can count on Marvelous Gardens. We know that finding a reliable bush hogging service in the Port Lavaca, TX area can be difficult. There is a lot of demand for the service and many of the people providing the service are either too busy to get to your property, won’t go where your property is, or even worse they don’t show up when they say they will and are overpriced. At Marvelous Gardens we do all of the work and never sub-contract our work to other companies so you can count on us to show up when we say we will and deliver great results while bush hogging your property.

Our Bush Hogging Services

• Small Acreage Bush Hogging
• Large Acreage Bush Hogging
• Field Mowing Services
• Tall Grass Mowing
• Pasture Mowing Services
• Overgrown Field Mowing
• Brush Hogging Service
• Underbrush Mowing
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