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Herbicide Control

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you start to plan for weed control. The list of products is long, and the chemical formulations all start to sound the same after a while. So, when it’s time to go into the yard, how do you select the herbicides that are best for your operation within each spraying window?

Don’t let the details of maintaining a beautiful lawn take the fun out of your outdoors! Enjoy your lawn and let the experts at Marvelous Gardens take the worry out of knowing when the right time to spray your yard is. Through our proven methods, we will have your lawn looking its best and quickly become the envy of the neighborhood.

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In many cases, weeds are only susceptible to 1 specific herbicide, and it is important to use the correct product and application rate for control of that plant. Common mistakes include incorrect identification of the invasive plant or using inappropriate products chosen solely on price. In most cases, plants must be actively growing to be vulnerable to herbicide treatments.

There are 5 types of herbicides:

broad spectrum – these work on a wide variety of weeds
selective – these work on a narrow range of weeds
contact – these destroy plant tissue at or near the point of contact (they do not spread around the plant), and require even coverage in their application
systemic – these move through the plant’s circulation system, and can be injected into the plant
residual – these can be applied to the soil and destroy by root uptake. They remain active in the ground for a certain length of time and can control germinating seedlings.

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